Dinorwic Quarry, Llanberis, North Wales

Dinorwic Quarry, North Wales

Dinorwic Quarry, North Wales


Here’s one I’m not quite sure about. It was taken in a sheep poo filled plant room in the Dinorwic Quarry above Llanberis in North Wales.  I do love the colours but I’m still not sure.  I’ve been struggling a bit with my colour film photography having switched from the ever versatile Kodak Portra 400, which I’m told on good authority is the “honey badger” of film :) to Kodak Portra 160, I just don’t seem to be getting it right.

The reason for the switch from Portra 400 to Portra 160 was purely financial, there is about a £0.50 per roll difference in cost.  And whilst not a lot, it does add up, especially when I had the opportunity to buy a lot of film up last September.  That said now I’m beginning to doubt myself, is 50p a roll worth it when (I feel) I’m wasting so much film “getting my eye” in with Portra 160?

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  1. Mike Green March 23, 2014 at 22:32 #

    I rather like this. I certainly like the colours and I think the composition works very well.Having been in that room, this seems to me to be a rather good way of ‘treating it’ !


  2. Michael Marten March 26, 2014 at 12:12 #

    Every small change in workflow can upset and change what we do, but although I don’t know this area at all, it looks as if you have some lovely colours and tones here, even if it may not be quite what you expected.
    Perhaps part of the problem is accepting that it really is different and you shouldn’t aim for getting the same result as with the 400? I say this not to be patronising, but as much to myself, who recently bought a lot of rolls of Ilford’s Delta 400 instead of HP5 by mistake – and I’ve struggled a bit with that (it was a late night online shopping error!).

  3. alastair March 29, 2014 at 17:17 #

    Thanks both for your comments.

    @Mike – Its an interesting old place, took a couple of pinholes around there too (http://www.alastairrossphotography.co.uk/ties-to-the-land-stonework-pinhole-photography-project/). Most definitely a place to go back to to do more exploring.

    @Michael – I think this is the only exposure that worked for me out of that roll – the rolls after that I have nothing that I would call a keeper. I think where I am struggling is with my exposures – which is annoying having only recently “got” Velvia, most shots are over exposed and there is no richness of colour – but perhaps I’m prejudicing myself against Portra 160 after a couple of weekends of using only Velvia?

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