What a difference a crop makes…

….or does it?


I posted on Twitter the question of “Is the bit on the right distracting?”

Llanberis Colored Rock and Slate I

Llanberis Coloured Rock and Slate I


I was half expecting the responses to be a bit like those if you ask “Does my bum look big in this?”  (NB: Men, the correct answer is “No”), but actually on this occasion I got a differing response – “Yes” – it was distracting.  So I cropped the image down.  That said I did lose the interesting vein of bluey greeness.


Llanberis Coloured Rock and Slate II

Llanberis Coloured Rock and Slate II

Then the following day I got different responses from friends in the Twittersphere that made me challenge my original thinking about the necessity for a crop – there was more to explore in the original image (and I would agree).  So I’m left with two equally compelling images, that said I feel I am now coming full circle and if I had to choose I would probably choose #1


What do you think and why?


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  1. Richard Childs February 1, 2014 at 14:38 #

    Hi Alastair, having had a good look at both I now prefer the original (uncropped) version. My feeling is that the extra detail on the right hand side balances better with the strong left hand vertical but more critically adds a great sense of three dimensional depth in a very Escher-esque kind of way. Something to challenge the eye and encourage more scrutiny. It’s a very satisfying image.

    • alastair February 3, 2014 at 19:18 #

      Hello Richard,

      Thanks for your feed back (and for such a great course).

      I think at the out set when I asked the question I wanted to keep the right hand side in, but thought that the image was t busy enough as it was without having the right hand side in the crop too.

      Unadulterated, it is as you say a very satisfying image, with lots of detail to explore. Not too bad for the first shot of the workshop :)

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